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Proof of Hardware

Blockchain Hardware GUIDES & EVENTS for people :)

Bitcoin mining is currently too expensive for an individual to join. However, the field of blockchain software is still in its infancy. Without a question, hardware will be used to accelerate computation around blockchain developments and cryptocurrencies.

We (that meaning and could include YOU) made this website to be a group editable resource to break thru the noise of the web, and paid reviews, or guides, to be an open community process for jumpstarting the world of Blockchain Hardware from the individual up. We are contributors made up from the team that invented Bitcoin mining, living and working Beijing, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Taiwan and San Francisco, coming together to bring software developers closer to hardware realities.

Please add your knowledge to these guides, and see you at a future event in Shenzhen :)


Full Node

Here is a “Full node” definition from Mastering Bitcoin: “A bitcoin network node with all four functions: wallet, miner, full blockchain database, and network routing

Actually, any healthy crypto currency should contain all of four of these fundamental functions.

You may use them separately, part of them or combine them to make your product.

For example:

  1. Mining pool: only use part of full blockchain database, network routing, wallet and miner.

  2. Cryptocurrency trading platform: only uses wallet.

  3. Block Explorer: uses full blockchain database.

  4. Hardware wallet: only use part of the wallet.

The more components used, the more complexity is added.

If you can’t wait to try, the following are best practice guides:


IPFS is a distributed file system, not the blockchain.

If you want to know more about instances of distributed file system, there are lots of information available through Wikipedia.

Here are our best practices:






Do you know more?

Please do help us add the latest knowledge to this guide.

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